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Legofield Fire Company General Information


Mission Statement

To dedicate ourselves to serving and protecting the citizens of Legofield.


Legofield Fire Company operates out of three stations.

Station 1 - SW corner of Main St. & 5th St. W

Station 2 - E corner of Freemont Rd. & prospect St.

Station 3 - corner of Hyde Hill & Hinkley Ave.

Airport Station - Legofield National Airport

Fire HQ Offices - NE Corner of Main St. & 9th St. W


Legofield Fire Company operates a full fleet of apparatus. LFC currently has a contract with Fire-Fab, Intl. and purchases all new apparatus from them. All new Fire-Fab trucks are their K-Series which comes in either two or four man cabs.

Station 1

Engine 1: E-1    Rescue 1: R-1     Ladder 1: L-1    Utility 1: U-1    Medic 1: M-1    Car 1: C-1         Car 11: C-11

Station 2

Engine 2: E-2    Quint 2: Q-2     Ladder 2: L-2    Utility 2: U-2    Heavy Medic: M-2    Car 2: C-2    Car 22: C-22

Station 3

Engine 3: E-3        Tanker 3: T-3        Medic 3: M-3         Car 3: C-3

Station 4

Engine 4: E-4    Ladder 4: L-4    Heavy Medic 4: M-4    Rescue 4: R-4    Car 4: C-4

Airport Station

Airport 1: A-1     Airport 2: A-2     Airport 3: A-3

Forestry Unit

Forestry 1: F-1      Forestry 3: F-3



Legofield Fire Company employs 225 people, 5 of which are citywide command staff and another 10 which are civilians; the rest are divided into three crews which each work a 24-48 shift. The following breaks the personnel down into position per shift.

City-wide Command Staff

Chief: Ryan Dennett      1st Asst. Chief      2nd Asst. Chief      Fire Marshall      Public Affairs Officer

Station 1

Firefighters: 15    Officers: 2(Station Captain & Fire Investigator)    Staff: 4(Dispatch: 3 & Base Communications)

Station 2

Firefighters: 15    Officers: 2(Station Captain & Fire Investigator)    Staff: 1(Base Communication)

Station 3

Firefighters: 5    Officers: 1(Station Captain)

Station 4

Firefighters: 16    Officers: 1(Station Captain)    Staff: 1(Base Communication)

Airport Station

Firefighters: 7    Officers: 2(not on same shift schedule as firefighters)

Civilian Employees

Secretaries: 6(two per shift)    Mechanics: 3(one is on cal per shift)    Computer Technician: 1

Standard Operating Procedures

Legofield Fire Company SOPs can be found HERE.

ISO Rating

Legofield Fire Company currently hold an ISO Rating of 3.


LFC Main Frequency    154.380

Fire Scene Frequency One    154.300

Fire Scene Frequency Two    154.320

Fire Scene Frequency Three    154.340

Search and Rescue/Dive Team Frequency    154.360


Legofield Fire Company holds mutual aid agreements with Mutual Aid Association of Lego Fire Departments.


Updated by Ryan Dennett on 09/18/01