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Legofield Fire Company Incidents.

On this page are incident reports of various incidents.


Department: Legofield Fire Company

Date & Time: 16/09/00  16:23

Call Type: 10-55

Units Responding: E-1, M-1, & C-1

Mutual Aid: LDHES, LPD, & H&M Stone Corp. Haz-Mat unit

Location: Intersection of Airport Rd. & Rt. 123

The call was received at 16:23 and was reported as a car-truck motor vehicle accident. E-1, M-1, & C-1 were 10-8 at 16:24. Legofield Police, who was on the scene at the time C-1 arrived, notified Capt. Dumont that it was a MVA involving a passenger car and a tanker truck carrying chlorine gas. H&M Stone Corp was notified of the incident at 16:26 and their Haz-Mat unit was sent to the scene. Two Paramedic units from the Legofield Department of Health & Emergency Services were requested at 16:27 and arrived on scene at 16:30. LFC & LPD units secured the scene and rerouted traffic while the Haz-Mat technicians determined the status of the chlorine gas. When they declared the scene safe, LFC & LDHES personnel attended to the driver of the eighteen-wheeler and the driver of the Chevy Impala. The truck driver was taken to Legofield Memorial Hospital where he was treated and released. The driver of the Impala was transported to LMH as well where he was treated for several lacerations, a broken forearm, and a fractured collar bone. After investigating the incident LPD determined that the driver of the rented Impale was leaving the airport and while talking on his cellular phone, he did not see the red light and drove into the side of the trailer. Fortunately the tank was not ruptured and only minor damage was inflicted upon the truck. The Impala was totaled. All LFC units were 10-19 at 17:19

Updated by Ryan Dennett on 09/16/00