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This is a page of apparatus that has been retired from service by the Legofield Fire Company.


Rescue2.JPG (9688 bytes)

Retired January 3, 2000

Rescue 2 is a modified version of LEGO® set 6666. Rescue 2 is a light transport, meaning that it carries no equipment besides a stretcher. If a patient needs medical attention during transport, either Rescue 1, from Station 1, will be called in, or the first aid or als equipment on Engine 2 will be used. The main reason Rescue 2 was purchased was because of its 4wd capabilities. In the instance that medical equipment is needed on an off-road rescue, the equipment will be supplied by Heavy Rescue 2 or brought via Truck 2.



rescue.JPG (11297 bytes)

Retired February 18, 2000

Rescue 1 was designed after  a 1992 Ultimaster. It is a light rescue/ambulance which seats a crew of two; the driver and a rear facing attendant. If necessary, Rescue 1 can carry a life raft on its roof. Rescue 1's equipment consists of a first aid kit, a trauma kit, an oxygen bottle, a two way radio, a shovel, and a rescue saw.


ladder.JPG (11298 bytes)

Retired February 18, 2000

Ladder 1 has a crew of one. It was donated to LFC by a neighboring department who was looking to give it a good home as they had just purchased a larger hook & ladder truck.


Brush2.JPG (10011 bytes)

Retired August 10, 2000

Brush 2 is a customized pick-up style Hummer. Brush 2 carries a pump and three draft hoses which supply water to a hose reel. The cargo area is accessed by swiveling the rear deck. The chassis for this model was designed by Bram Lambrecht.


engine1.JPG (13736 bytes)

Retired August 10, 2000

Engine 1 is a first responder engine. It has a cab which seats three. Engine 1 responds to every call and is manned by three crew around the clock. Engine 1 has an inlet on both left and right sides, and discharges on the right side and the front bumper.


foamtruck.JPG (10582 bytes)

Retired September 1, 2000

Foam 1 is a customized Chevy Blazer. Foam 1's equipment consists of only a first aid kit


Crewcab.JPG (9720 bytes)


Car 1 is a two person crewcab pickup truck. Its tools consist of a dry chemical fire extinguisher, a SCOTT® air pack, a rescue saw, and anything else that might have been added during the last use.


Car2.JPG (9909 bytes)

Retired January 24, 2001

Car 2 is the Battalion chief's car which is stationed out of Station 2. Car 2 is a customized Subaru Forester. Car 2 has an opening rear hatch to access the cargo area.


Utility2.JPG (11310 bytes)

Retired January 20, 2001

Utility 2 is a one-man utility truck, as its name implies. Utility 2 is used mainly on extrication and water related calls. Although all of the truck's standard equipment is stored in compartments, there is room on the top of this area for more tools. This area was originally a hose bed because before being bought by the Legofield Fire Company, Utility 2 was used as a hose truck.


Engine2.JPG (10399 bytes)

Retired September 23, 2001

Engine 2 is a slightly customized Sixby Vision Pumper with a crew of three. Engine 2 is  first responder, responding to all calls. It has basic, but essential, firefighting tools and also carries advanced life support equipment.



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