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Station 2 Photos


stationphoto.JPG (151277 bytes)

LFC's Station 2

Bay2overphoto.JPG (145508 bytes)

An over head shot of LFC's Station 2. This is the second truck bay.

Stationoverphoto.JPG (189806 bytes)

An overhead view of Station 2 showing the crew's quarters.

StationInteriorphoto.JPG (145931 bytes)

A view looking into Station 2 from the front. Notice the Cascade system and the spiral staircase.

Trucksphoto.JPG (80906 bytes)

From left to right: Heavy Rescue 2, Engine 2, Utility 2, Medic 3, Car 22, Brush 2(retired), Car 2 w/boat.

QuintAngledView.jpg (42150 bytes) QuintLadderUp.jpg (36510 bytes)

Two pictures of Quint 2.  The second one shows a very foolish firefighter climbing the ladder with out SCBA gear.

HM2.jpg (7047 bytes) HM2back.jpg (5578 bytes)

Heavy Medic 2 with a shot showing a patient and two crew.

ladder2.jpg (7227 bytes) Ladder2down.jpg (9903 bytes) Ladder2up.jpg (6345 bytes)

Some shots showing the articulated boom of Ladder 2 in action.


Updated by Ryan Dennett on 09/18/01